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Boxed Experience: In partnership with M.R Events & Consulting LLC, we’re creating an experience that puts the spotlight on social justice issues! “Boxed” is an interactive theatrical experience where we immerse the audience into a new, whimsical world. Boxed aims to highlight seven contemporary social justice issues while introducing participants to the concepts of oppression, microaggress- ions, and the “isms” faced by numerous communities in today’s society.

Guests are guided through a series of staged rooms where our aim is to educate, entertain and challenge them to think critically about social issues. Each guest is given a profile of a character upon entrance. They’ll become the profile and see their given character’s story transpire in front of them in a story line performed by professional actors. At the end of the tour, participants are provided with the opportunity to discuss their experiences with each other through a guided facilitation led by a counselor and therapist. After the production is over, guests are welcome to freely explore the area we call, “Outside the box”, which is where the guests can enjoy photo opportunities, hands on activities, cocktails, purchase merchandise, gather more information from the advisors of the rooms, plus more.

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